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We carry our purpose of spreading God's Words across different communities.

Jesus commissioned the church saying, “Go into the entire world, and preach the Gospel to all creation” (Mark 16:15). The focus of the Great Commission ministry of the Power of Gospel Church is to train and equip believers to share the Good News of Jesus Christ in their neighborhoods. The church sends out action groups to the Twin City area to conduct personal evangelism by sharing Gospel tracts and speaking to individuals about the redemptive work of Christ.

The Power of Gospel Church is a mission-driven church. We have a passion for spreading the Gospel and turning the hearts of many towards the real Messiah. That is why we are dedicated to continuing the outreach programs in the Muslim regions of Ethiopia. By the grace of God, we are planning to plant 400 churches in 10 years or by 2025. The startup cost for one church is $2,000.00 annually, not including miscellaneous costs such as transportation and logistical support. We will send you an annual report on how your donation is helping to make a difference in the lives of many people in Ethiopia.

Support Our Religious Cause!

Donations come a long way for the fruition of our plans. We are humbly knocking in your hearts to help us spread salvation through God’s Words in our ministries and outreach programs. To send us a donation, answer our call for donations online.