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Living a Legacy of Faith Book

Anyone who received the Lord Jesus Christ as his personal Savior has faith. We might think we have no faith simply because things that we expected did not happen, our prayers were not answered, or we did not experience the miraculous intervention of God in our life. That is why we ask the Lord to give us more faith, just like the Lord’s disciples did. However, we need to remember that Jesus taught them that they don’t need immense faith to do great things. Faith as small as a mustard seed can move a mountain.

It is very important to know your enemy before you go to battle. Great damages of war come from an unknown enemy. An enemy that you know to be your enemy can hurt you a little, but it doesn’t compare to the damage that an unknown enemy can cause. The reason for this is that everyone is always ready for the enemy that they know. He/she can only hurt him if he/she comes with the expected way or power. But, if we have an enemy we do not know, they can easily harm us.

If a patient does not know his illness, he cannot get proper medicine. All the doctors in the hospital, all modern medical equipment, and all modern medicine can do nothing for him if his sickness is not known. The medical equipment and the medicines are good only when our sickness is known. If we know what is wrong with us, we have half the solution.

Now, let me try to show you’re your greatest enemy in life. One of the reasons for me to write his book is to show you this. If you know your enemy, you know what to do next. This enemy of yours is unbelieving.

Living a Legacy of Faith Book – Oromo Version

Waa’een amantii furtuu guddaadha jireenya Waaqayyoo wajjin jiraannu keessatti, Kitaabni kun immoo isatu gadi qotee nu barsiisa. Waan isin keessa deddeebitanii dubbisuu qabdaniidha. Barreessaan kitaabichaas nama guddaa nama Waaqayyo hubannaaf ogummaan isa guute, sichi iyyuu kitaabi gurguddaan keessaa ba’uu danda’uudha.

Kitaaba ‘Legacy’ amantii jiraachuu jedhu kana yeroon dubbise Waaqayyo dhaloota kana humna addaatiin akka kaasun hubadhe. Warri kitaaba kana dubbiftan akka isin nama biraa taatanii jijjiiramtan shakkii hin qabu. Paster Kefiyaalewu Amanteen, nama waan tajaajile jiraatuu fi nama waan jiraate tajaajiluudha. Namni kun namoota Waaqayyo dhaloota kana gidduutti jijjiirama guddaa ittiin fiduuf kaase keessaa isa tokko dha.

Kaayyoo itti dhalatan raawwachuu

Kitaabni kun waan Waaqayyo itti nu waame akka barruufi tarkaanfii jireenya keenyaas akka jijjiirru kan nu gargaarudha. Kaayyoo itti dhalatan argachuun furtuu waan hundumaati. Namni furtuu argate immoo waan manicha keessa jiru hundumaa argata. Kitaaba kana dubbisuunis egaa kanaf nu gargaara.