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About Our Church

Located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the Power of Gospel Church strives to become the religious stronghold for the Oromo-speaking communities we serve. We lead our faithful family into the path that Christ, our King, plans for us to follow.

Since our foundation on October 19, 2014, our ministries and services have reached not just the various states of America but also East Africa and the Middle East. Our televised ministry nourishes the soul of 18 million believers weekly, strengthening our church’s purpose of freeing the multitude from the shackles of sin. We believe that it is our lifelong journey to spread the saving Word of God to the communities that may not have much access to religious services so that we can all spend our eternal life with our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Led by our dedicated church leader, pastor Kafyelew Amante, we all share the guidance of the bible in ministry sessions that empower us as devout Christians. With our newfound strength, we find purpose in evangelizing other people, strengthening our fellowship, and supporting the orphans— among other acts of religiosity we strive to accomplish. Experience a life-changing faith encounter when you join us for our ministries!

  • woman reading a book

    Pastor Kafyelew Amante

    Pastor Kafyelew Amante is our current church leader who has been with us since our founding on October 19, 2014. He is the author of two religious books, namely: “Living a Legacy of Faith” (English and Oromo version) and “Kaayyoo itti dhalatan raawwachuu.” Pastor Amante continues to wholeheartedly preach the Word of God to Minnesota communities, Africa, and the Middle East via our Ministry’s live streaming.

Mission Statement

The Mission of Power of Gospel Church is to preach the full Gospel of Christ to make people Disciples of Christ and His Kingdom, as a result, produce healthy, godly, and productive citizens. The church believes and teaches that the bible is the foundation of the success and prosperity of society or individuals in the spirit, soul, and body. By doing it and being an example of these, the church will fulfill her influences of righteousness in the world.

Vision Statement

The Vision of Power of Gospel Church is to bring an influence of righteousness through the Gospel of Christ, starting from Oromo-speaking people to all nations to the ends of the world. We invite you to watch the following video to learn more.