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About Our Ministries

Our life here on earth may feel overwhelming to bear alone, especially when you're living every day without the welcoming presence of our Lord. By joining us in our ministries, we promise life-changing encounters that strengthen your faith and usher in better days with your newfound family in Christ.

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The Great Commission

Join us in our endeavor as we place new churches and evangelize people across different communities. You can help us spread the Good News of our Salvation.

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Small Groups

We open our arms as we welcome you into our intimate groups, where we share our eye-opening experiences with God and uplift one another in our fellowships.

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Experience God’s presence through our devout deacons who lead us to a life of prayer. Life-changing church services await you with the guidance of our deacons.

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Prayer Ministry

Guided by the warmth of the Holy Spirit, our prayer team offers prayer services to those in strife. This ministry highlights the role of prayer in the lives of Christians.

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Children’s Ministry

Expose your child to a God-centered childhood where their character and faith will be molded at an early age. Our ministry helps children appreciate God’s Words.

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Men’s Ministry

Become a better man of faith with the support of our men’s ministry. We invite all male believers to openly accept God’s teachings as a solution to their struggles.

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Women’s Ministry

We invite the women of our church to find empowering encounters of faith as they join other church members in our ministry that uplifts and celebrates womanhood.

How We Spread God's Words

We believe that it is our lifelong calling to share the teachings of our Lord to the many communities of the world. So, we provide many ways to help echo the message of salvation across the land, from handing Gospel tracts to broadcasting our ministries to even installing churches in the underprivileged areas of Africa. We hope to save as many souls as we can.