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With a steadfast devotion to the Scripture, our pastors at the Power of Gospel Church transform the lives of countless church members by delivering to them God’s message of love and salvation through the ministries we facilitate. Led by pastor Kafyelew Amante, our church pastors carry within them their life’s purpose of wholeheartedly spreading the teachings of Christ through whatever means necessary, may it be broadcasting their sermon on-air or spearheading the installation of new churches in Africa. Each of our pastors has devoted their life to God’s calling. We continue to provide impactful church services for the communities we serve, especially those who speak our mother tongue, Afaan Oromo.

Together, let us continue to live a life of faith and devotion for Christ, no matter the diversities that come our way. If you ever want to meet with our pastors in person, please send us an online message so we can accommodate you at our soonest opportunity.