Our Purpose

Power of Gospel Church exists to know God, to glorify God, and to make disciples of all the nations. We worship Him in our attitude and lifestyles; we imitate His character in our daily lives; we edify the Body of Christ by faithfully teaching His Word to equip believers for ministry; we promote unity in the Body through regular fellowship; and we evangelize by faithfully sharing the Gospel. To distribute the message of the gospel through writings, testimony, internet, audio, video and in all manners of technologies that are available.

We declare that it is our purpose:

  • To provide teaching and training to the local church leaders, to the general assembly of believers.
  • To prepare and distribute teaching and training manuals.
  • To start and build fellowships and planting churches.
  • To help and support orphans.
  • To feed the hungry, to provide drink for the thirsty and to give clothes for the needy. In general to do good to all men whenever there is the opportunity. Mat 25: 35-40